It’s so important that your big day is everything you have dreamed of. It’s a pleasure to be trusted with such an important occasion! We're confident that with our equipment, personality and drive we can provide a unique service and adding another dimension to your wedding photos, creating timeless memories from your big day!

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Each wedding has it’s own unique quirks, which makes it almost impossible to build a single package for a wedding!

For this reason, we've made our wedding packages as customisable as possible.  This means that you can select your own package features, and we can tailor the equipment and designs to match your big day!

We find that the best way to discuss wedding options, is through a short planning meeting.    This is complimentary with all of our wedding packages, and means we can have a friendly conversation to discuss all of the available options, and go through all of the boring logistcial and legal stuff too!  

Get in touch to arrange your planning meeting, and we can begin to discuss your wedding day!


From £225

We've got excellent choices, and dedicated packages for wedding bookings! These packages also include a complimentary consultation​, and we make every effort to subtly tailor our equipment to fit in at your venue.  We also have amazing discounts when pairing our services with others at Ultimate Productions LTD.

  • 5 Hours.

  • Tailor Designed Stamp.

  • Coloured Backdrops / Glitter Curtain / Flower Wall. 

  • Full Prop Pack + Wedding Specific Props.

  • Unlimited Shots / Prints.

  • Booth Butler.

  • Digital Copies uploaded to social platforms.

  • Additional prints for guest book.

  • Individual Image files.

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Combine and Save!

The best part of being part of Ultimate Productions LTD, is the amazing offers and discounts we can provide for our customers.

We're partnered with fellow entertainment company SBDJ Services, and have managed to create our best ever price, meaning that when booking alongside one of their wedding packages, you can book this wedding package for just £175 alongside their DJ Package.


Wedding FAQ's

Are there different colour options?

Would we disappoint?  Absolutely not!  We have two different booths, one glossy white, and the other glossy black.  If you have a favourite, please feel free to mention it throughout the booking process!

Is everything covered legally?

We thought you might ask that!  We have all of the relevant documentation and certificates, just incase your venue ask for it.  Just get in touch and we'd be happy to share them with you!

Stay Connected & Photogenic

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your event!  

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