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What happens to the pictures after the event?

You will receive all of the images taken at your event - it's only fair!  They will be uploaded to our social media channels, as well as shared with you via USB or an online storage platform.

How much space is required for the photobooth?

We advise approximately 2 meters squared.  This ensures enough space for your guests to safely enter and exit the booth, as well as ample room for our butler to assist and manage the space.

Is there an option for the photobooth to be used outdoors?

Yes!  Of course the booth can be used outdoors - the natural light can add a real extra dimension to your pictures!  All we need is a single plug socket. We will check the forecast in the days leading up to your event, and request shelter if there is a chance of rain.  Extreme wind or heavy rain however, does mean that the outdoor availability of our booth is limited.

Does COVID19 effect my photobooth booking?

If the government declare that it is safe for us to attend your event, you can count on us to bring the fun!  We will supply sanitation equipment, but leave the application of this to your guests.  This way, if they feel comfortable to use the props - they're more than welcome to, but the facility is there if they would rather wipe down first.

If you have to postpone your booking, we will make every effort to re-arrange without your price or package being affected.  We're dealing with each case individually and pragmatically, hoping to resolve each event with 100% our usual customer satisfaction guarantee!

Are there different colour options?

Would we disappoint?  Absolutely not!  We have two different booths, one glossy white, and the other glossy black.  If you have a favourite, please feel free to mention it throughout the booking process!

Is everything covered legally?

We thought you might ask that!  We have all of the relevant documentation and certificates, just incase your venue ask for it.  Just get in touch and we'd be happy to share them with you!

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